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up to 6 Mbps
$ 55 Monthly
  • Online video streaming.
  • Online gaming.
  • Connect mobile devices.
  • Free managed Wi-Fi.


up to 12 Mbps
$ 65 Monthly
  • Easily work from home.
  • 4k video streaming.
  • Game or stream from multiple connected devices
  • Free managed Wi-Fi.


up to 24 Mbps
$ 80 Monthly
  • Fastest rural internet.
  • Stream, video call, and game from multiple connected devices.
  • Free managed Wi-Fi.

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We're Rolling Out Fiber

In today's digital age, a seamless online experience is no longer a luxury—it's an expectation. We are laying the foundation for our new cutting-edge fiber technology to ensure ultra-fast, ultra-reliable internet access. For homeowners, this means flawless streaming, instantaneous downloads, and effortless smart home integration. For developers, it's a chance to elevate property values and appeal to the tech-savvy. Don't miss the future; embrace fiber and step into a brighter, faster tomorrow.

Beaver Pride Development

We at AirGrids, in collaboration with Chance Bernall at Beaverpride LLC, are thrilled to announce our latest project—bringing state-of-the-art fiber technology to Beaver Pride Development, located near Safeway in Dillon, MT. As champions of digital innovation, our mission is to ensure that the community enjoys unparalleled internet speeds and unmatched reliability. We take immense pride in driving Dillon into a brighter, faster future. Together, we’re not just laying down cables; we’re paving the way for a connected, modern community.

If you’re a future homeowner or developer eager to experience lightning-fast connectivity in the Beaver Pride Development or surrounding areas, don’t miss out!



AirGrids is a Dillon-based, locally-owned, and operated internet service provider, with eight years of successfully deploying High Speed internet services to residents and businesses in Beaverhead and Madison county.  


AirGrids is actively working with the City of Dillon, Beaverhead high school, Parkview Elementary, strategic businesses, and the County of Beaverhead to leverage company resources and leverage opportunities to foster innovation, stimulate economic growth and expand the availability of state-of-the-art communications services by installing fiber-based communications networks,  capable of delivering services with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second in and around surrounding areas. With future upgrade capability to off 10Gb.

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New Payment Portal Setup & How to Make a Payment

Airgrids will now be accepting all major credit cards. We will also be using a new billing system that will provide you invoices, as well as statements, so you can see your entire payment history online through the new self help/payment portal at Below are instructions on how to set up your new payment…

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If your internet is not functioning normally, please check the cabling (vacuuming, pets, kids, large temperature changes can cause cables to come loose over time).  Also from time to time (a few times a year), nearly all electronic devices need a reboot to clear out caches, finish firmware updates and generally get a fresh start.…

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